Stanley Medical Designs, Inc. is an independent, innovative, medical device company located in sunny Miami Beach, Fla. It was established April 24, 2015. The company’s mission is to make medical procedures safer, more efficient and improve the patient care experience.

Our medical design team has over 35 years of experience performing surgical procedures in hospitals, emergency rooms and urgent care systems. We strive to enhance the flow of patient care by evoking procedural concepts that shorten registration to discharge times and modify processes which reduce procedural risk (for providers and patients). Our company currently holds 5 medical device patents in these areas of interest.

We will achieve our goals by providing high quality innovative medical devices. We are available to provide training on efficient usage of procedural medical devices, to health care staff in hospitals, urgent care centers and ambulatory care centers. We are also available to provide consultation to medical device manufactures for improvement suggestions.  Our first offering is a new hybrid surgical wire cutter, called a Moby Cutter. It is the first cutter of its kind, with a catchment device. This device can prevent cut pieces of material from becoming projectiles, which can puncture skin, endanger eyes or fall into the deep surgical field. It has been cleared for commercialization per FDA guidelines and sold as a prescription only (Rx) medical device. With required registration and verification on our website, it is available for purchase by Doctors, Dentist, Veterinarians and Healthcare Institutions.

Uniquely, this device has many applications; in Orthopedic Surgery, and Podiatry Surgery it can be used to cut K-wires, and a selection of Steinmann Pins. ICardiothoracic Surgery it can be used to cut sternal wires. The Moby Cutter. also has applications in procedures involving removal of, dental wires, and body jewelry. In advancement of procedural services, this cutter has been earmarked as a featured item in the development of a fishhook removal system. Similar set up as a laceration kit, it will speed up the preparation and removal time in multiple healthcare procedures. Every health care facility needs at least one. In Veterinary Medicine it can be used to remove fishhook foreign bodies from animals and in some situations can eliminate the need to heavily sedate the animal which frequently occurs during the removal process. The Moby Cutter, is one of the safest surgical wire cutters on the market today!

We would like to thank the ongoing collaboration with physicians, fisherman, wildlife conservationist, and you the patient as our inspiration to make medical procedures safer and improving patient satisfaction (as depicted in the courtesy photos located in our Trauma Gallery).