Moby Cutter™ with Queequeg™ Grip handles

Stanley Medical DesignsSKU: SMD 010-151—G

Color: Surgical Green
Sale price$650.00


  • 1 Moby Cutter™ with Queequeg™ Grip Handles (medical grade silicone that provides textured cushioned grip to help improve handling control and facilitate a comfortable squeeze), by Creative Creations™ Medical Tool Designs.
  • 1 Fast Fish™ (Go Gauge)
  • 1 pair of short Flick Catcher™ (single-use) Baskets
  • 1 IFU fact sheet.
  • Color choice(s) Surgical Green 
  • Measurements Length 6.5 in, handle width 2.5 in , head width 1 in
  • Weight 0.252 Kg

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